Who? What? How?

Since I was a teenager the development, creativity and improvisation were in my blood. Like every self-taught, I've started playing acoustic guitars and piano as well writing software by myself.

I've started writing software with Visual Basic and Delphi! Wow, I still remember the big Delphi's bible I had to read to get good at it. I've spent a good amount of nights reading and coding. That was showing me how my future would be. My spare time is still full of tech books and late hours writing code.

Delphi gave me the first opportunity to make money writing code.

My next step was web-development, hard coded HTML, using Windows Notepad (By this time, I've not met VIM, the love of my life yet).

In my first real job, my boss gave me a slow Desktop with Linux and VIM as the primary editor. Telling you the truth? I loved it! I still love the time I spend in the black and green screen.

Fast forwarding, I've been the owner of my own software development company in Brazil for several years. I've interviewed, hired and mentored one great team of developers in Curitiba/Brazil. We call ourselves Devlandia | the Land of the happiest developers on earth.

I've been responsible for the company as a whole. Taking care of client relationship, using Scrum/Agile to manage our workflow as well being the creator and preacher of our Code Review Culture.

As an architect, I've designed the entire infrastructure of several startups in Brazil and USA. Some of those accomplished their biggest dream - to be sold.

One of those sells brought me to the USA, where I've lived for the last years with my wife and our lovely dog.

Even being in love with being a mentor, manager and involved in the process of transforming ideas into products, I think I'm young enough to be playing with the boys in the field. Thus, I've not stopped writing code for the last 13 years.