Happy 4th July

Happy 4th July

I really think it might be hard to understand what it means the 4th of July if you had never experienced the lack of freedom.

I live surrounded by Americans, and they complain about America every week. They talk about the bad things that happen all over the country. They complain about war and peace; they complain about the economy, education, health care and all other shit that we all face around the world.

Not sure if it makes sense for a 3rd or 4th generation of Americans, but when you are born so freaking far away of this land, you almost kiss the ground every time you realise where you are.

When someone (or some document) tells you, “here is your authorization. You can live here for a while. Yes, you can share our security, streets and you can be, even that only for a while, part of the best piece of land in the history of humanity in the last thousands of years.” – Oh man, you have no idea what it is. To be part of a country that is healthy, where you can walk on the streets and feel secure, where you can dream of a better future than your parents ever dreamed.

I’m glad to be here. For God’s sakes, I left behind the biggest part of what I someday called life, and even missing my family, friends and a warm sea, yes, I’m glad to be here. It is a blessing to be part of this small amount of time where peace, health and the freedom to pursue happiness are shared with humans who live in this part of the world.

And I also pray to God for those who will never have the opportunity to taste this type of freedom, that may they found it in the new life that is coming.

I’m glad to be here, not sure how much long it will be, but for now, I’m happy to be part of the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Happy 4th July.

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