Why should I read Mark?

Why should I read Mark?

Why should I read Mark?

The long wait is ended! Jesus is here and he inaugurates The Kingdom of God.

The first few pages of Mark show us this hero. He is the chosen one. Even the Creator of the Universe talks to him.

He has super powers also: he heals the sick, expels demons, fast for 40 days, meditate and when he goes to the desert the beasts come to hang with him while he has dinner with angels!

Mark starts at full speed, I would not lost this Hero in his journey. If this is not enough for you, bellow I bring it back to earth.


Mark was very young when Jesus was crucified, but on his forties he is living in Rome and actively working with Peter and Paul, two heavyweight champions of the movement, until the unexpected happens!

Half of Rome is destroyed by a huge fire - e Nero, to save his own skin, blames the christians. Many are brutally executed, including Peter.

Mark had for years heard stories from eyewitnesses and even from Peter, now, during this persecution time, he is urged to write it down for the generations to come.

Sentence by sentence we can see he is anxious to bring his message home: “God is here, now! He is at our side, actively looking for a way to help us on what we need!”

Mark is writing to a community that had to be remembered that God listens to prayers and that he can work through them even if the world out there is (literally) on fire. His message shows them the disciples weakness as a way to say that even if they are not perfect yet, God is still working on them.

So, if you find yourself questioning if God still hears prayers; if you have problems to believe that God can use you; If you are ashamed by your sins and it makes you think God is not working on you, read Mark, he wrote this story to you.

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